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5 ways attendees of TNW’s conference handle being nervous

5 ways attendees of TNW’s conference handle being nervous
Credit: Dan Taylor

Everyone gets nervous and stressed from time to time. The people attending TNW’s conference are no different. The question is, then: How do we deal with it best? We asked these five conference attendees, how they handle it when the nerves are taking over.

“Mostly, I think I work quite well under pressure. When I feel stressed or nervous, it enables me to work more efficiently, to simply just deal with the situation. The worst thing to do in those moments is to panic and not let the stress get to you. What I also think is important to remember is that at the end of the day: It’s just work. If you feel like nerves or stress are making you freak out, remind yourself that nobody’s gonna die, and it will be fine in the end.” – Owen Martin, Chivas Brand Ambassador, Pernod Ricard Netherlands.

“When I get nervous or stressed I exercise. We all feel stressed sometimes. It always works for me to just go to the gym.” – Eleanor, Editor-in-chief, Monki.

“I go for long runs when I get stressed. I work as an engineer, and sometimes that can get really stressful. Jogging really helps me calm down and feel better.” – Hiroki Yasui, Go Developer.

“I take deep breaths and practice meditation. I don’t actually often feel stressed and I rarely get nervous, but when it happens it really works out for me to take a break and try to zone out.” – Karena Walshe, Partnerships Manager, Web Summit.

“If I feel like there are too many things to do I make an old-fashioned to-do list and that immediately calms me down. That way I can see what I have to do and it looks less intimidating and more manageable.” – Martijn Hemminga, Founder, Recruitment Tech.

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